qqqWe are extremely overwhelmed to share the executive summary 2015-16 with all our friends, members & all those providing a helping hand to the organization. Experimental theater in realistic attitude of the organization is growing over the years with the vision of the group experiences.

  In the year 2015-2016, the main objective was to centralize discussions on acting skills & there workshops for the same were organized.  With the help of the discussions and workshops NEELI NAIYAA play was organized based on the story 'THAKUR KA KUAN' by Munshi Premchand and a play named ANTAR YATRA was presented too which was played by the organization. It is an ending effort of research on acting method of Bertolt Brecht’s Alienation effect, Antonin Artaud’s theatre of Cruelty method by the artists of the organization.

   Along with it the organization held two programmes with West Bengal 's organization  Shilpobhumi and Allahabad's organization Pratibimb in the middle zone of the cultural centre. These presentations throw light on the acting skills and challenges and Affordable Home Decorators Ideas limitations of the actors in front of the audience and critics on the occasion of play presentation .The presence of directors and co directors of Bhartendu Nataya Academy was of great help. On the basis of the experiences of the organization as a group  they are growing in the direction of rang acting and rang actors so that they can introduce the audience to the acting skills ,presentation and involve them mentally ,physically and emotionally with the present day issues so that joint thought process and remedy can be found.
With the help of this organization was successful in collecting experiences this year. this year the organization is going to share the documents with the audience and stakeholders through their website and portal because of which the tasks and actions of the organization will be simplified through the internet.

 The Cultural Ministry of Indian Government have fixed monthly salary of five artists and one mentor this year because of which the actors are now more dedicated towards the organization. As a result the organization is able to achieve the goals as a team.

Hereby it is our humble request to all of you if you have any suggestions or views on this year's application of development do send us so that the organization is able to achieve the goals as a team work.