Extra An Organization Board & Volunteer Members

Ajeet Bahadur


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Arvind Jodha

Vice President, Photographer, Actor

Arvind Jodha is a vice president and Working in the field of film making since the last 5 to 6 years. A fine art student from Rajasthan University. Does experimental animation shorts. Worked for NGOs like United Nations and save the children. Right now working on his photography skills and puppet making Rolex replica watches.


Natraj Hasrat


I’m an actor, who believes in a process of keep training, growing, developing, exploring and working creatively in whatever way I can! Like my favorite actor ‘Balraj Sahni’ believed, ‘Acting is a science’, so I believe so and derive from this concept, ‘If acting is science, an actor is a scientist’! I’m trying to understand and learn about the science of acting and implement it in my creative works of being an actor! I believe being happy and humorous is a necessity to lead a human-life because there is a science behind it as it keeps a person in the moment and neutral, which are very vital features(among others) to become an actor! I love to travel as it gives me a flavor of different cultures, people, food, language & lingo, thoughts and many other perspectives of life which I’ve to still unravel. And my one of the wildest dreams, is to travel to all the countries of the world while I live happily! I love to read novels and short stories and also I want to write a novel! My relationship with the Ex-TRA: An Organization is based on my personal relationship with Rajkumar. For me Ex-TRA means Rajkumar because Rajkumar as a human-being and his thoughts are the common ground between us, which is the seed of the Ex-TRA’s foundation. I work in tune with him for the betterment of organization. It doesn’t mean that I’m not open to other people but if in case, I’ve to choose between Rajkumar, Ex-TRA or any other person, I’ll go with Rajkumar because I trust him than anyone else in the organization and that he puts Ex-TRA before him or anybody else and with it I’m at secretary at Ex-tra an organization and sharing the dreams of the organization.

Rajkumar Rajak

General Secretary

1982 born Rajkumar Rajak is writer-director and has a vast experience of working as a theatre consultant and instructor for several organizations such as Action-Aid, Cry, Vihaan, Unnati, Save the Children and NTPC, Gramin Shiksha Kendra and Ex-TRA. Currently he is working with Azim Premji Foundation, Tonk-Rajasthan as a Resource person for Drama in Education (DIE) and responsible with DIE team for developing curriculum for teachers and teacher educators. He is involved in the production of more than 100 plays. Naming a few are Eklavya, Tedha Darpan, Suraj kaa Saatwaan Ghoda, Lady Chatterly’s Lover, Sapne ka Anuvad, Punarjanm, Hawalat, Antigones and so on. During the course of his work he has also organized theatre activities on various developmental projects and theatre workshops for bar dancers, sex workers, railway platform dwellers, homeless children and rickshaw puller. Rajkumar has presented a number of papers at various conferences organized by IFA, Goethe Institute Max Muller Bhavan and British Council. His few papers are on -‘From Cultural Relativism to Shared Values’, ‘Semiotics of traditional Theatre’, ‘Feminist Approaches in Greece and Indian theatre’ and ‘Identity of Folk & Tribal Theatre’. He is a new performance grantee from “India Foundation for the Arts (IFA)”,-Bangalore where he has developed a method called character expression which gives an insight to an actor to craft his/her character in theatrical arena. He is an awardee of “INLAKS Theatre Award” from “Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation”, Mumbai for his research on Bertolt Brecht’s Verfremdungseffekt (Alienation Effect) where he has incorporated his method of character expression with Bertolt Brecht’s Verfremdungseffekt (Alienation Effect). He is a production grantee from Culture Ministry, Govt of India for constructing a play “Antaryatra”.

Raina Raha Rajak

Treasurer, Production Manager & Actor

Raina born 1987 and intensively work in the field theatre. Raina Raha is an Actor- and who has been working as a theatre consultant for several Organizations in India. Presently, she is production manager and treasurer of Ex-TRA an Organization (Experimental Theatre in Realistic Attitude) that works in the areas of innovative theatre and the art acting. It has also developed the acting aesthetic for the active actors called ‘Character Expression’.

Anjali Shekhawat

Executive Member

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Veerbhan Kaul

Executive Member

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Arijit Sen

Volunteer Player

I am working at various geographically dispersed areas in India and having professional experience for 16 years. As performed at different events, ceremonies and public festivities, and Education consciousness discourse through showing short films in different communities. With and also having experience in the field of Cinematography, Photography, Color Designing, photo editing and Direction. And contributing about vision of Ex-tra an organization as a volunteer player.

Meghraj Saini

Volunteer Player

From 2006 to Onward I Am Involve with Ex-tra An Organization. He Is Also Working With Rural School Children at Gramin Shiksha Kendra, Sawai Madhopur, Rajsthan. Meghraj Has Also Learn Four Year And Last Past In Gramin Shiksha Kendra, Janganpura. So He occur About Children developmental psychology and its role in Education because Meghraj participated many training and module developing works at Gramin Shiksha Kendra. Gramin Shiksha Kendra Provided Quality Education in community school. During the study in GSK Meghraj meet with Rajkumar and join the vision of the ex-tra an organization through the volunteer engagements. He is involve as a actor in Eklavya, Suraj Ka Satwaan Ghoda , I And Me.

Choithmal Saini Volunteer

Volunteer Player

Choithmal saini born 1997 in village khawa near Ranthambhore National park district Sawaimadhopur of Rajsthan. Choithmal is one of youngest musician and actor at volunteer forum of the Ex-tra an organization. He is contributing his practices with the organization since 2006 to onwards. During the involvement at organization choithmal assisted music design and taking the role of an actor in several plays such as Eklavya, Suraj ka Satwaan Ghoda, I And Me. He is pass out from his community school Gramin Shiksha Kendra, Sawaimadhopur and time to time he is also supporting his community school through the academic and non-academic engagements.