Author: Sarweshvar Dayal Saxena
Director: Rajkumar Rajak
Running Time: 40.00 Minutes , Premiere Date: 01/15/2010

Synopsis About the Play: The play begins with two young men who try to get caught by a policeman so that they are taken to prison and can escape the cold outside. It looks at the turn of events that take place around this basic desire. Director’s Note: When I decided to produce the play Hawalaat, I experienced certain limitations, which forced me to make some alterations in the style and the structure of the play. While bringing in these changes and giving them a distinct form, I was mindful of the harsh realities, which surround us. For example, the series of recent bomb blasts in different parts of the country; the bloodshed for the Tata project at Singrur; commodification of values and I was greatly influenced by a poem, Sansad, composed by Paash. I believe that the play is targeted at the young generation; that is why, it could be performed at all the colleges and universities so that the audience- which, off course, will largely be young students belonging to the different strata of the society- might realize as to how and why they were being influenced by Rock culture and Sex. I acted in this play under the guidance of Shri Govind Gupta at Allahabad, NCZCC in 1999. I can still recollect those memories and it gives me an enormous amount of energy to run hard and chase my aims and aspirations.

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