Author: Anton Chekhov
Director: Rajkumar Rajak
Running Time: 07:15 AM , Premiere Date: 01/14/2010

Synopsis About the play: A man finds his great-grandmother’s old magical mirror and gives it to his unattractive wife. Strangely, whenever his wife looks at her reflection in that mirror she sees herself as beautiful. With time she becomes increasingly obsessed with the image in the mirror - that offers her an alternative to the reality of her unattractive appearance - and refuses to stay away from it. Accusing all around her of being liars, she spends the rest of her days whispering to that false image. There also runs a parallel story of an ordinary man who analyzes his life in terms of his dialogues with the various dynamic systems around him. His reflections symbolize man’s resistance to the process of mechanization as well as his hope for another, less personal, definition of human beauty.

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